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The Annual PCIT Conference Archive

Reference past PCIT presentations from our Annual PCIT Conferences, and more!

18th Annual PCIT Conference – 2018

Thanks for another wonderful conference! You can view photos and videos from the 2018 conference on our Facebook page, @UCDPCIT.


Wednesday, October 17th

  • Keynote:  PCIT, Child Welfare, and the Road Ahead – Melanie Zimmer-Gembeck, PhD
  • The Real World of Children Experiencing Homelessness – Casey Knittel
  • Becoming a PCIT Trainer – Marta Shinn, PhD, Brandi Hawk, PhD, Lindsay Forte, MS
  • Congrats on your Engagement: Using Social Psychology to Strengthen Buy-In – Bethany Vaudrey, PsyD
  • Using Culturally Traditional Toys in PCIT – Lizette Chavez, Jose Cholula, EdD
  • PCIT with Toddlers (PCIT-T): Improving Attachment and Emotion Regulation – Emma I. Girard, PsyD
  • Collaborating with Teachers – Karrie Lager, PsyD, Emma I. Girard, PsyD, Susan Timmer, PhD
  • How Do I Explain en Español to my PCIT Families? – Alejandra Trujillo, LMFT
  • More Power to You: Calculating Your Effect Size – Kelly Pelzel, PhD & Beth Troutman, PhD, ABPP
  • Adapting PCIT Coaching Strategies to Meet the Needs of Families with Hearing Impairment – Amy Weir, PsyD
  • Bringing Research into Practice – Poster Sessions:
    • Examining the Effects of Child Sexual Behavior Problems on the Quality of the Parent-Child Relationship
      Presented by: Eori Tokunaga, CAARE Diagnostic & Treatment Center, UC Davis Children’s Hospital
    • Trauma treatment in the real world – Examining dissemination and implementation of PCIT and CPP
      Presented by: Genevieve Lam, PsyD, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
    • Square Pegs and Round Holes: Flexible responses to treating disruptive behaviours in children with ASD
      Presented by: Kellie Swan, Griffith University
    • What strategies do PCIT therapists use to engage parents?
      Presented by: Rebecca Handman, MS, CAARE Diagnostic & Treatment Center, UC Davis Children’s Hospital
    • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Improves Emotional Availability for Both Parents and Children
      Presented by: Abby Lavine, CAARE Diagnostic & Treatment Center, UC Davis Children’s Hospital
    • The use of Positive Incentives in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) – The Toy Study
      Presented by: Maria Usacheva, MS, CAARE Diagnostic & Treatment Center, UC Davis Children’s Hospital
    • Child Response to Process Praise versus People Praise: A case study
      Presented by: Colleen Allen, CAARE Diagnostic & Treatment Center, UC Davis Children’s Hospital

Thursday, October 18th  – 2018 PCIT Conference

Outreach PowerPoint

2015 Informational PCIT Outreach Presentation

17th Annual PCIT Conference – 2017

Wednesday, September 27

Thursday, September 28 – 2017 PCIT Conference

16th Annual PCIT Conference – 2016

Wednesday, September 21

Thursday, September 22

2015 PCIT International Convention

Thursday, October 1

Timmer, S. – Using the “Weekly Assessment of Child Behaviors (WACB)” in PCIT – 2:45pm

15th Annual PCIT Conference – 2015

Wednesday, September 9

INVITED SPEAKER – Chan, S. – When Nature Nurtures: Building Resilience in Young Children and Families Grand Horizon Ballroom – 11:15am

Thursday, September 10

Western Psychological Association (WPA) – 2015

Friday, May 1

Urquiza, A. – Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: Treatment Outcomes and Implementation to Community Mental Health Settings

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