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PCIT Web Course

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In 2011, the UCD PCIT Training Center developed the “PCIT for Traumatized Children” Web Course: a free, 10-hour, 11-module web course to provide fundamental information about providing PCIT. This web course was designed to increase access to information about PC IT and to make it easier for more therapists to learn the skills necessary to aid a greater number of families. The web course gives trainees a solid foundation in PCIT and partially fulfills the requirements to be a certified PCIT therapist. The course uses a combination of instruction, video examples, and interactive exercises to educate therapists on the principles of PCIT.

Web Course Modules:

  • Introduction
  • PCIT Overview
  • Intake Assessment
  • Dyadic Parent-Child Interaction Coding System
  • CDI Teaching Session
  • Coaching CDI Skills
  • PDI Teaching Session
  • Coaching PDI Skills
  • Addressing Parenting Styles
  • Cultural Considerations in PCIT
  • It Takes a Village:  Engaging Parents in PCIT

The “PCIT for Traumatized Children” Web Course is the only one of its kind; it’s also the only PCIT methodology that focuses on trauma. With ongoing support from practitioners that have trained over 110 agencies in the area of PCIT, this web course can now partially train therapists anywhere in the country to implement this method, helping countless more children and their families. Those who finish the course receive a Certificate of Completion to obtain Continuing Education Units for the Board of Psychology and Board of Behavioral Sciences in the State of California.

Anyone can use this course, from any computer, with any (or no) degree. It is mostly directed toward therapists, or those on their way to becoming a therapist, but it’s open to the general public to disseminate information about PCIT. It includes 11 modules that each cover a different important aspect of PCIT. Once you register, you can access any of the modules at your leisure, in any order you choose. There is no deadline, and you’re free to access your account again and again as a reference. One would not be a certified PCIT therapist after taking the web course (according to the National PCIT Guidelines) but it is a very helpful resource and we do require our trainees to complete the course.

Module 4 – Videos 6-10 Transcripts – Last updated 9/4/14

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10