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PCIT Training Center

UC Davis Children’s Hospital
CAARE Center
(916) 734-8396

3671 Business Drive
Sacramento, CA 95820

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Please check this list to see if your question is answered here. If not, please email Aubrey and Lindsay at and with your question
  • If you are looking for a PCIT or PC-CARE Provider in the Sacramento area, please call the UC Davis CAARE Center at (916) 734-8396.
  • If you are looking for a PCIT Provider in other areas, please utilize our PCIT Provider listing.
    • For international referrals, please check our International Referrals listing.
    • If you are a trained PCIT Provider and would like to be listed, please contact and
  • For inquiries on PC-CARE Training, please email
    • For PC-CARE referrals, please call the UC Davis CAARE Center at (916) 734-8396
  • To access the PCIT Webcourse, click here
    • We apologize that the banner on the webcourse contains generic information; however, this is the correct website.
    • To retrieve your PCIT Webcourse Certificate, please follow the instructions listed here.
    • For questions or issues with the PCIT Webcourse, please email