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PC-CARE Training

Video: Introduction to PC-CARE Training – Overview

PDF: PC-CARE Training Model Outline

Upcoming Trainings

  • In 2021 we had the first annual PC-CARE Summit!
  • Check the Upcoming Presentations page for Phase I Trainings
  • If you have already registered for Phase I, Enter Here (requires password)
  • If you have completed Phase I and registered for Phase II, Enter Here (requires password)
  • Training Coordinator: Lindsay Armendariz (nee Forte)
  • Social Media & Web Coordinator: Aubrey Johnson

Phase I of PC-CARE

Subscribe to the PC-CARE Listserv to be notified when the next Phase I goes live!
When registration is open, a link will be available in the PC-CARE Marketplace at the link below. 

PC-CARE Marketplace:  (copy and paste this secure address in your browser)

Phase II of PC-CARE Training 

If you have already completed or are registered for Phase I of PC-CARE Training and are interested in on-going training, follow the link to our Marketplace.

If you completed Phase I of PC-CARE Training at our PC-CARE Skill Building Workshops, you may be interested in on-going training in PC-CARE. Phase II is available in our Marketplace!

PC-CARE marketplace training button

If you have more questions about getting trained to provide PC-CARE, please email our training coordinator:

Lindsay Forte Armendariz at

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