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Spanish PCIT Glossary Project

¿Hablas español? Calling all Spanish speakers!  Dr. Jose Cholula from the PCIT Spanish Coalition has created a monthly SurveyMonkey to collect different ways of translating Spanish words, and he needs your help! If you are a Spanish speaker, please participate in this 2-3 minute survey, and share with anyone who could participate as well. Your involvement in this project is greatly appreciated! The SurveyMonkey is for the creation of a glossary; it provides 3 words used in PCIT and asks for other ways of saying them in Spanish. Each monthly survey has 3 words for translation.
You do NOT need to be a PCIT provider to participate in the survey!

Here is a sample question from November’s survey:
[In the Ways to Praise form, we have “Ways to Praise” translated into “Formas de Alabanza,” What are other equivalent Spanish words or idioms, and from what country or region is expressed?]

Thank you for your help! ¡Gracias!

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