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PCIT: Other Languages

We believe in the power of PCIT to enhance parent-child relationships, and we want this parenting intervention and materials to be accessible to as many kiddos as possible! That’s why we are always looking for ways to make PCIT materials accessible for diverse populations and languages.

The PCIT Treatment Manual is currently available in full in English and Spanish. The Spanish manual is currently undergoing big updates. Some PCIT handouts are also available in additional languages as we reach out to our diverse community of PCIT Providers to assist in translation to reach as many populations as we can. The Spanish PCIT Coalition works tirelessly to translate forms and content and is dedicated to making sure our Spanish content reaches a wide base.

We are working to have all of these manuals and handouts available on this page. Please contact to request addition of further materials.

Full Manuals in Other Languages

PCIT Treatment Manual in Spanish