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Bri Velasquez

Business Description

I received my Masters in Social Work (MSW) and Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC) from California State University of Long Beach.  I received my Bachelors in Art from University of California Santa Barbara. I have worked at Child Abuse Listening Mediation (CALM) in Santa Barbara serving children and families. Prior to CALM, I worked for Casa Pacifica, specifically the Safe Alternatives for Treating Youth (SAFTY) program providing support to children and young adults who were experiencing thoughts of suicide, homicide, and self-harm.  I have worked as a school social worker in Elementary, Junior Highs, and High Schools in California working closely with students, teachers, parents, and school administrators.  The hope and goal I have for my clients is to assist them in enhancing personal and familial relationships.  As a social worker, I have had the wonderful opportunity to witness many positive changes in the lives of my clients.  These positive changes include how my clients have relationships with others and how they come to view themselves.  These components are an integral part of the therapeutic process and journey.  My clients include children, adolescents, adults, and families.  I seek to provide therapy that comes from a place of warmth, compassion, and sensitivity.  I believe therapy should be a place where clients can receive a judgement and bias free environment.  I serve individuals and families that are struggling and want to improve their lives, relationships, and/or situations.

Phone Number
629 State Street, Suite 243
Santa Barbara
Zip Code
United States
Bri Velasquez
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