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Special Service for Groups/OTTP

Special Service for Groups/OTTP
Business Description

OTTP provides comprehensive mental health services in the community, including assessment, individual, group and family therapy, medication support, case management, and 24/7 on-call crisis support.

School-Based Services:  Available in several alternative education settings, non-public schools, and public elementary, middle and high school settings throughout Los Angeles County and the South Bay.  Our multidisciplinary teams provide life skills training, work readiness training, group and individual therapy to youth on-site at their schools to promote self-esteem, positive social behaviors, and attention skills that are necessary for them to develop effective learning and life skills.
Intensive Services:  Assessment, individual & family therapy, occupational therapy, substance abuse prevention/intervention, 24/7 availability, and medication support services.
Full-Service Partnership:  Comprehensive mental health and case management services are provided to children, transitional age youth, and families utilizing a "whatever it takes" approach 24/7 to help them move toward recovery and wellness.
Prevention & Early Intervention:  Evidence-Based Practices In Mental Health:

PCIT:  Parent-Child Interaction Therapy:  PCIT is an empirically-supported treatment for young children that focuses on improving the quality of the parent-child relationship and changing parent-child interaction patterns.  In PCIT, parents are taught specific skills to establish a nurturing and secure relationship with their child while increasing their child's prosocial behavior and decreasing negative behavior.
LIFE:  Loving Intervention for Family Enrichment:  Youth face unprecedented pressures and problems:  gangs, drugs, and alcohol to name a few.  Parents also face multiple challenges on a daily basis.  LIFE gives youth and parents the skills to improve family relationships.  Classes assist parents in managing difficult behaviors, learning effective parenting strategies, and creating a positive home environment.  LIFE is designed to help youth & families succeed in school, at home, and in life.
CAPPS:  Center for the Assessment and Prevention of Prodromal States:  CAPPS is a family based, preventative program for youth ages 16-25 who are at risk of developing a psychotic mental illness.  Interventions include family therapy, psycho-education, communication skills, problem solving skills, medication support from a psychiatrist, and case management.
TF-CBT:  Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:  Servicing children, TF-CBT is an evidence-based treatment model that will reduce symptoms of depression and psychological trauma resulting from a number of traumatic experiences, such as child sexual abuse, domestic violence, traumatic loss, etc.  TF-CBT is effective for resolving PTSD, depression, anxiety, behavioral difficulties, shame and other problems related to a history of abuse.  TF-CBT incorporates psychoeducation and parenting, relaxation training, cognitive processing of the trauma, narrative writing, and safety-enhancing skills.
CFOF:  Caring For Our Family:  The Family Connections program provides community-based social work services to families with children who live in Los Angeles County.  We provide a combination of individual and family services that will help your children grow to be healthy and successful at home, at school, and in the community.  We also work with others in your family and neighborhood that are important to you, to identify and build on your family's strengths, to help you meet your needs and the needs of your children.  We meet in your home, school - anywhere that works best for you.
Wraparound:  A family-centered, strength-based approach to help youth and families achieve long-term self-sufficiency outside of the foster care system.  A multidisciplinary team offers a variety of supports and structures to empower families to function at their optimal level within day-to-day life.

Youth Center Groups:

Female Teen Support Group:  Provides a supportive and educational environment for female teenagers wherein they can openly discuss social issues that plague their lives.  The group educates and inspires young female teenagers to work through difficult social issues, and move forward to become productive members of society.
G.L.A.M:  Getting to Learn About Me is a group for middle school aged girls.  GLAM provides a supportive environment for girls to build self esteem and positive social skills while engaging in fun activities with their peers.
Food Fitness:  Youth make positive changes to their eating habits and physical activity patterns by examining the emotional influence on their habits.  Promotes healthier eating for a healthier lifestyle, as well as a positive self image, and overall sense of wellness.
"Men"toring Club:  A forum for young men to identify their role in the community and family.  Cultural sensitivity, decision making skills, self esteem, and coping skills are strengthened through a process of dialogue and discovery.  Junior "Men"toring Club:  Offered for the younger male youth.
"On a Good Note" Music Group:  A creative outlet for youth to explore interests in music and learn about the music industry from an experienced, professional music producer.  Youth have an opportunity to create, record, and produce music during the 16 week program.  They learn to use computer software for creating music and are provided valuable information about the music industry based on the facilitator's professional experience.
Positive Pathways:  Teenage choices can alter lives forever.  This substance abuse prevention/intervention group provides youth with the skills necessary to enhance and enlighten the teen's journey to become productive in all areas of life.

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Jana Garrett, LCSW/PCIT Coordinator
Suzanne Afuso-Sugano, OTR/L
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