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The Importance of Coding Competence for New PCIT Therapists

When learning coaching skills the trainee first learns to coach on a Level Two, labeling the parent’s verbalizations (especially PRIDE skills).  But, if they are not reliable coders, they won’t recognize the different verbalization categories, or won’t remember quickly enough, so won’t be able to label them out loud for the parent.   Read more

Community Outreach: Relationship & Service

Yesterday I attended the Los Angeles County PCIT Learning Community Network meeting.  Dr. Lauren Maltby was facilitating a discussion with therapists currently in PCIT training (“Emerging” programs) on the topic of how to get more PCIT referrals.  I loved how Dr. Maltby conceptualized PCIT therapists’ efforts to connect with community organizations as a way to get the word out about PCIT, so I am paraphrasing her here:

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Susan & Deanna’s Coding Corner

In our coding workshops at the conference, Play Talk emerged as a tricky coding category.  Play talk describes verbalizations in which the parent talks “in role” as a toy or character, makes sound effects, or sings. In looking over the new DPICS-4 Comprehensive Manual for Research and Training, we found a nice explanation of when to code Play Talk. I’m going to paraphrase this here:

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First 5/LACDMH PCIT Training Project

The UC Davis PCIT Training Center has entered into a $20 million training project administered by LA County Department of Mental Health, and funded by First 5 LA.  We are very excited for the opportunity to train about 100 new agencies over the next 5 years in PCIT!  Learn more about this wonderful PCIT Training Project here:

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