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Annual PC-CARE Summit

The annual PC-CARE summit is for PC-CARE Trainees, Providers, Trainers, and Researchers who are working to improve services. The 1st Annual PC-CARE Summit was hosted by the UC Davis PCIT & PC-CARE Training Center on March 9th 2021.

This annual event is an opportunity for PC-CARE providers and trainers to get together, learn what’s new in the world of PC-CARE and parenting EBTs, and discuss ideas for improving services and training. We have keynote speakers, break out rooms, group discussions, and fun activities.

The Morning session is geared towards PC-CARE providers (and those interested in becoming providers) with an emphasis on identifying strategies for improving PC-CARE through developing new appendices, materials, and research, through enhancing the cultural acceptability and appropriateness of PC-CARE. The Afternoon session is geared towards PC-CARE trainers (and those interested in becoming trainers) with an emphasis on how to improved provider training.

If you missed the 1st Annual PC-CARE Summit, you can review a free recording at the link below. We hope to see you at the 2nd Annual PC-CARE summit on May 24, 2022!