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Training Team

Director: Anthony J. Urquiza, Ph.D.
Program Manager: Susan G. Timmer, Ph.D.
Financial and Technical Equipment Manager: Eric Vargas
Training Coordinator: Lindsay Forte, M.S.
Data Manager: Deanna Boys, M.A.
Social Media Manager: Aubrey Johnson

UC Davis Trainers

  • Dawn Blacker, Ph.D.
  • Brandi Hawk, Ph.D.
  • Brandi Liles, Ph.D.
  • Kim Lundquist, LCSW
  • Elizabeth Mota-Garcia, LCSW, PPSC

Training Consultants

  • Nancy Zebell, Ph.D. – WestEd
  • Jean McGrath, Ph.D. – WestEd

Training Partners

  • Jocelyn Clegg, LMFT – Private Practice
  • Emma Girard, Psy.D. – Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health
  • Monica Gutierrez, LMFT – Star View Community Services
  • Karrie Lager, Psy.D. – Healthy Focus Psychological Center, Inc.
  • Irma Ocegueda, Ph.D. – Children’s Institute, Inc.
  • Mary Pratt, LCSW – Hands On Parenting
  • Marta Shinn, Ph.D. – Variations Psychology
  • Rosa Valencia, M.A. – Child Guidance Center, Inc.
  • Belinda Villalpando, LMFT – For The Child
  • Rosario S. Williams, LMFT – Maryvale Family Resource Center